About Barboursville Baptist Church

The Leadership

Pastor John Boswell came to Barboursville Baptist Church in January 2016. He was born-again, by the grace of God, at age 37. Since then he has served as a deacon, an elder, a teacher, a shepherd, and a minister of God’s word. He is passionate about preaching God’s glorious truths, seeing believers grow in spiritual maturity, shepherding believers, and seeing unbelievers surrender their lives to Christ Jesus for eternal salvation. Pastor Boswell has a Master of Ministry degree from Master’s International University of Divinity in Evansville Indiana.

John T. Boswell


Roger Gibson


Harold Hart


Henry Shipp


The Goal of Barboursville Baptist 

Barboursville Baptist Church desires to see the true triune God - God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit exalted, praised, and glorified in everything we do. 


We desire to see people repent of their sins and believe in God's gift of salvation, surrendering their lives to the only One who can save them - Jesus Christ. 


We desire to see believers grow in the true knowledge of Jesus Christ, becoming more and more like Him each day. 


We desire to love and serve the Lord more...by loving and serving others more.


We desire to be a Christ-centered and Bible-centered church

by rightly dividing God's word - digging deeper and deeper.


We desire to see the gospel of Jesus Christ - the Good News of salvation, spread in our community and throughout the whole world.


All for His glory and praise! Amen.